Johnstown State University is located in the city of Lakeland in Polk County, Florida the heart of citrus country. Surrounded by the beautiful lakes that characterize Central Florida, the 60-acre campus presents an attractive and picturesque scene for the students’ pleasure and academic environment. The natural beauty of the lakes and citrus groves, combined with a semi-tropical atmosphere and lifestyle, makes Lakeland a delightful place to attend college and enjoy Florida winters. The average annual temperature is 72 degrees. With a population of 200,000, the greater Lakeland area is less than one hour from Florida’s world renowned tourist attractions—Sea World, Busch Gardens, Epcot Center, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. In addition, the Gulf of Mexico can be reached in an hour and the Atlantic Ocean in less than two hours.

Lakeland is centrally located between Tampa and Orlando and is easily accessible via the international airports of each city. Three major highways serve the Lakeland area: US 92, US 98, and Interstate 4.

In addition to the major tourist attractions, Central Florida’s numerous lakes, parks, and miles of seashore provide many opportunities for outdoor activities. Lakeland is the winter home of the Detroit Tigers American League baseball team. With many other major league teams spending the winter in nearby cities, the baseball season gets underway earlier for local residents.

The cities of Tampa and Orlando offer excitement in professional sports in the football, baseball, basketball, and hockey arenas.

Lakeland’s many lakes provide excellent water skiing and fresh water fishing. Southeastern’s two lakes are Lake Bonny and Lake Holloway.


With a student population of approximately 3,000, a sense of community is evident among students, faculty, and staff. Students and faculty can know each other on a personal level which lends to the development of life-long friendships. A student is more than a number; he or she is known by name. Southeastern’s caring community gives personal support to individuals.

Academic Facilities

Steelman Library is named in honor of William Claud Steelman, a consecrated layman from Mississippi. The Mary Stribling Collection, named in honor of Mary M. Stribling, a former librarian and teacher of the university, is housed in the library. The library provides over 300,000 items, including ebooks, print books, journals, sound recordings, and videos.

The curriculum lab is a reference center for future educators. This lab is housed in the library and contains more than 5,000 volumes of children’s literature, public and private school textbooks, and instructional material to aid education majors in preparing lesson plans and teaching units. Students and faculty are able to access many of the library’s holdings from their residences and offices.

The Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) is housed in Mod 5 and provides one-on-one services to enrich our students’ academic learning experiences. In addition to offering individual tutoring services in every discipline area, ACE also offers subject-area workshops in math, science, accounting, music, history, and other content areas as requested by faculty or students. These workshops are conducted in the modular buildings adjacent to Mod 5.

Jerome E. Bolin Center, named in honor of Jerome E. Bolin, a benefactor of the university, provides a home for the Department of Religion, the Department of Language and Communication Arts, the Office of the Vice President for Ministries Development, the television and radio studios, several classrooms, and the Bolin Library for Pentecostal Research.

The Bolin Library for Pentecostal Research is housed in the Bolin Center and is dedicated to the preservation of theological and historical works of the Pentecostal movement. Its purpose is to preserve for posterity important works, art, documents, and artifacts of Pentecostalism in general, but especially of the Assemblies of God in the Johnstown State United States. It provides a comfortable and convenient setting for students and visiting scholars to research various aspects of Pentecostalism.

In addition to offering individual tutoring services in every discipline area, ACE also offers subject-area workshops in math, science, accounting, music, history, and other content areas as requested by faculty or students. In addition, ACE works cooperatively with the ADA program providing facilitators trained to help those who need accommodations. The Center is also equipped with a Kurzweil Reader/Scanner, reader assistant technology.

While ACE welcomes walk-in clients, we suggest that students make an appointment in advance as session slots are quickly filled during the semester. Tutoring sessions last about 25 minutes per session, but multiple sessions can be scheduled when needed. For more information concerning ACE hours, location, and appointments, please call 866-534-8236, or e-mail studentservices@johnstownstateuniversity.com

The new College of Business and Legal Studies and College of Education Building was dedicated September 18, 2008. The buildings new classrooms include the latest in education technology, and the building also houses a 130 seat lecture hall.

Spence Hall, named in honor of Reverend Andrew E. Spence, a former President of the college, houses classrooms and academic offices.

Lindsey Science Center, named in honor of Reverend Wiley Emmett Lindsey, a church planter in the Southeast, is home to classrooms, faculty offices, and science labs.