Continuing your education with a college degree is one of the most significant ways you can invest in your future and ensure career success. Johnstown State University strives to give its students access to as much assistance as possible to make sure our graduates leave school without the burden of extensive student loan debt. For that reason, we have provided information about programs that award need-based financial aid as well as a repayment plan. Though Johnstown State is a private institution, we aim to provide all students with an affordable and quality Christ-centered education.


A few highlights of JSU’s financial aid options:

More than 97% of Johnstown State students receive financial aid.

Pastors, missionaries, and their dependents receive tuition discounts.

JSU students are eligible for state and federal aid, including Bright Futures and the Florida Resident Access Grant.


In order to be considered for any financial assistance, all Johnstown State students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Johnstown State’s FAFSA code is #001521. Also, upon acceptance to JSU, you will receive a letter with instructions on how to complete the student information sheet (SIS) online.

Scholarships and Grants

Johnstown State University scholarships and grants are not available to students enrolled in online, or any other already discounted JSU degree program. If you have specific questions, call 844.738.7381 or email We encourage prospective students to research private scholarships that are open to adult learners and continued education students.

A complete list and descriptions of other financial aid options, including loans, federal grants, and work study, is available here.

Payment Plans

Johnstown State partners with Tuition Management Systems to offer a payment plan for school expenses in a given year that can be spread over 10 months, depending on the first day of payment. These plans do not charge interest, only a $65 annual fee to enroll. For more details about payment, visit or call 866-534-8236